American Independence Day & Importance of Democracy

Independence came to full swing in the nineteenth century post World War II, bringing an end to colonialism. Every nation wants to form a state which is governed by its own people without being controlled and influenced by external forces.

In United States of America, feeling of nationalism took birth in the seventeenth century, also known as American Revolution.“Taxation without representation!” was the battle cry in America’s 13 colonies, which were forced to pay taxes to England’s King George III despite having no representation in the British Parliament. As frustration prevailed nationalistic feelings arose among the people of United States which rejected the aristocracy of the Great Britain. Drafted and signed by “Thomas Jefferson” United States declared independence on July 4, 1776.


In America 4th July is a public holiday and celebrated with extreme patriotism. Flags are displayed outside houses and office buildings, emphasizing on traditional political freedom struggle. Public events are held; political leaders come up with national’s speeches accompanied with patriotic music such as “God Bless America” and national anthem. Not to forget about the fireworks that marks the start of this Day. The Statue of Liberty is a national monument that is associated with Independence Day.

The Amazing Tulsi Gabbard rightly advocates that we should not forget the selfless sacrifice and invaluable service by the American soldiers. She further adds we should be grateful and salute their spirit to serve others. Tulsi has really taken this into her heart and is not failing to appreciate the soldier’s contribution in achieving America’s Independence. A competent Tulsi Gabbard has such a personality to serve and sacrifice for the society and this is evident from her military career and social efforts she has made for the betterment of the Hawaiians. A true Hawaiian Tulsi has been an example of solidarity, energy and sacrifice. All these create inquisitiveness as how the all rounder Tulsi manages to do so many things at one time and how she is so inspired in times of need. Recently Tulsi tied the knot with her dear friend Abraham and took vows amidst a magnificent beachfront location.

Though we all celebrate this day with great enthusiasm, we must know about the significance of this day. The declaration of independence by United States led them as a role model for other nations who were experiencing the same bitter taste of colonialism. The statement can be supported by the fact that soon after United States got independence, France also revolted against King Louis XVI to gain their independence.


King Louis XVI


The declaration of independence by United States also justified the right of people to revolt against a government that is no longer capable to protect and safeguards the rights of its people. It also made clear what the colonist thought was wrong and gave a voice to the grievances that they had developed from a long time with in their hearts.

The Declaration also includes the following quote “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

It is because of the above words that women are treated equally to men and enjoy the same privileges in the society as by men. It also gave the concept of equal and just treatment to each individual irrespective of race, color or creed.

In the current world it is because of this independence that United states is fighting for the rights of smaller and weaker nations, such as Ukraine being victim of Russian annexation and condemnation of such act by United States in order to make Russia retreat of what they are doing. Hence from the American history of independence, it is clear that in order to protect sovereignty, develop peace and increase prosperity we should work together and encourage unity as a nation.

The Importance and Advantages of Democracy

Remember the ancient times when humans were food gatherers and not settled at one place. With passage of time, this went through lot of changes and human life became more and more refined. Today we have made immense progress in many fields along with the ongoing efforts in many other fields. But what is essential to mention here is the past, present as well as in the future, the common element in all these is the people who make up a nation. So when people are so important shouldn’t there be a form of Government which can protect their interest? Congresswoman Tulsi also advocates for equal rights and fair policy We are moving the discussion towards democracy which has changed the dynamics of the political system forever and has changed it for good. With people being at core of democracy, this type of political system is bound to have advantages and lets us see what those are.

First and foremost it is worth mentioning that, democracy is that form of political system in which the leaders are those who are the representatives of the people who elect them.So the aspect of the interest of the people is one of the main benefits of democracy as these are better taken care of in this type of political system. The term interest of people encompasses social, economic as well political interests and these are managed well in democracy. This people focused political system and protection of rights of the people goes hand in hand.


As far as administration is concerned in democracy, then here the aspects like stability could be reflected. Since this is a form of Government which has representatives elected by people, the decisions are taken in a better and efficient manner by keeping in mind the big picture as in how these will impact people. Also this type of Government is more stable since it is based on the support from the people. A sense of responsibility is there in the elected representative in this type of Government.

As said by Tulsi, Another major advantage of democracy is equality and this is what makes democracy one of the most ideal forms of political systems. Each and every person is equal in a democratic government and there is no scope for discrimination on any basis. The rights like social, economic as well as political could be enjoyed by all in democracy.People in this type of political system can get involved as well as participate in bringing out changes and this could be done in a better way wherein there would not be any violence. Every citizen has rights as well as certain responsibilities and what better then democracy can help in making the citizens aware of these?


The democratic form of Government has its base in trust and faith of people and hence works as a perfect mechanism to carry out the developmental process taking into consideration what would be best for people as well as for the nation.

So democracy is all about people and it fosters in creating good citizens. It has its issues, but the aspects like equality, rights and duties of people, protecting people’s interests, stability and efficiency are the various dimensions of democracy which are also its main advantages.