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A meeting to remember – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

With news of Narendra Modi’s US visit all over the news and media world, this meeting of two promising visionaries – Modi and Tulsi Gabbard is really a notable event in history. On one hand, Narendra Modi, a great example of definitive leadership and on the other hand Tulsi Gabbard a wonderful example of sacrifice & self-less service. Their achievements and successes are not unknown to the whole world.

Their spirit to serve the society has made them famous and respectable. Mr Modi laying his initial foundation stone of success in Gujarat state in India and gradually spreading this momentum to the whole of India. He follows the principle of Mahatma Gandhi and puts his best efforts to the development of the poor in terms of economic reforms and overall growth. He inspires and has succeeded in making the development and progress of the nation as people’s own movement. On the other hand, Tulsi started her journey from his beautiful homeland, Hawaii; she has dedicated her life to serving others. She has served the state legislature at a very young age, served the military, stood for social issues, inspires for local development of small businesses. She is a sincere follower of the spiritual teachings of Bhagavad Gita, which is accepted as the crest jewel of all scriptures by all spiritual master or guru. Lord Krishna the Guru & Spiritual Master of Warrior Arjuna spoke this wonderful transcendental literature for the benefit of the mankind. Her magnanimity and true efforts for the people of Hawaii has been recognized and she is the first female war veteran to be elected to Congress.

Tulsi Gabbard Gita Guru

Tulsi Gabbard played a prominent role in finalizing the US tour of Mr Modi. Mr Modi was greeted by Tulsi Gabbard with a Ginger Flower Garland brought all the way from Hawaii. Mr Modi was thrilled to meet Ms Tulsi in US.  A grand reception was hosted to welcome Mr Modi and both of them discussed the major concerns and opportunities of India-US relationship. The war on terror dominated the talks and Tulsi was also very pleased to meet Mr Modi and appreciated his spirit and leadership.


With a common goal for a bright future for both the countries, their discussions were mainly centred on terrorism, growing friendship, increasing cooperation, peace, stability and other important areas. They also discussed the key points on how both the countries can partner better and how each country can help each other.

Tulsi was also invited by Modi to come and visit India, and she has expressed her thanks and praise for Mr Modi. So Modi’s vision and Tulsi’s serving spirit can make an inspiring combination to strengthen the ties and we expect a better relationship and future.


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