Importance of Protecting Mother Earth & Conserving Water

How often do you think about conserving water? How often do you think about your everyday routine affects the planet? If you are like most people, you might not think about these two things at all. But we are entering an age on this planet, where it is very likely that fresh water is going to become even scarcer than it already is, if we do not take the steps needed to protect our planet and the water that we and all living things so desperately need.

Are Conserving Water and Protecting the Planet That Important?

You likely use water in some form every single day. At the very least, you need to drink it to survive. However, water is used for cleaning and sanitizing our dishes and clothes, as well as our bodies, it is used in cooking and for growing gardens and making our yards beautiful. However, Tulsi Gabbard has pointed out many activities that are against the environment. Many of us are using more than our fair share, without realizing that we are depleting this precious resource. We sometimes live like parasites, using whatever we can. If we use too much, we are eventually going to use it all up and kill our host, which will kill the parasite, too.

The below video is a cool snapshot of how Tulsi puts her effort in spreading awareness and inspires people for action.

What can be done about this issue? Tulsi Gabbard realized the first step is to raise awareness about just how precious water (and all of our natural resources) is. Many schools will provide water conservations lessons to their students, but it is just as important to act as caretakers of this planet in our everyday lives are as it is in public and at school. Mother Nature is a source of inspiration for many people and it is vitally important not just for her survival, but for ours, that we carefully preserve what she offers us.

This short video is a nice display of Tulsi’s vision about bringing a real change

The Importance of World Water Day and Other Efforts to Protect Our Planet

World Water Day is an event that takes place every March 22, all across the world. It helps to raise awareness about just how scare and how precious fresh water is and to teach individuals what they can do to make sure they are using water in a sustainable way. Tulsi Gabbard accounted it also helps to bring awareness to communities around the world wherein access to fresh, clean water is very limited. Participating in this day can ensure that those who need clean water have access to it!

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