A Visit with Guru Dada JP Vaswani

You know how some people are so selfless. All they do is work for others. Their aim is the happiness of other people. These are the kinds of people who make this world a place worth living. Without such souls, there wouldn’t be any peace at all. If left entirely in the hands of the ruling authorities, no one will get a life they deserve. While life is unfair in every aspect, such people only focus on the positivity. With such good vibes, there is no doubt that the world shines too.

If you talk about India, the country has lived through a lot. From the Mughal rule to British colonialism, Gandhi to Nehru, and what not. There have been ups and downs. We see a trend throughout history, the only good that came to the country was with the effort of some determined people. Back in 1940s, it was Gandhi who fought for India’s Independence. In modern day, it’s organizations like WHEF and Sadhu Vaswani Mission and similar who are committed for a harmonious and better society.

A brief idea…

World Hindu Economic Forum works on the basis of ‘Economy is strength’ which is a very powerful truth. Although bitter, it’s not a lie that the world respects those who have a financially stable background. Only those who have economical power get what they want. That’s true for individuals, industries as well as for countries. The strength of a country depends on its people. A strong economy comes from stable industries. The ruling class alone cannot take a country forward. Without successful people there cannot be a successful country. The motto, mission and vision of WHEF depends on all these truths. Their vision is to create a prosperous society. Their mission, by which they aim to fulfill their vision, is to create and share surplus wealth.

At the core, WHEF is based on the wise words of Bhagavad Gita; ‘Think in the future, for the future’. The organization takes sustainable steps for a secure and successful future of entrepreneur minded people. This in the end will lead to the ultimate success of the country. WHEF is a platform where the businessmen, traders, economists, etc. come together to share ideas and create better industries with a common goal of achieving economic strength.

WHEF is based in Delhi, Bharat, but its good works aren’t restricted within this area only. The worldwide events take place every now and then. The major event takes place annually. At this yearly conference, many influential and inspirational personalities come to share their expert advice as well as provide the motivation for amateurs. The platform of WHEF is basically a place to share ideas and resources. Those who are looking to invest in worthy and innovative ideas find suitable option. Those who have brilliant plans get the resources to implement them. Everyone gets a benefit out of this give and take. Each participant finds a way to success and in one way or another. With economically strong people, India can gain back the status of contributing to 30% to 50% in the world GDP, like it did years ago.

As mentioned before, WHEF conducts events throughout the world pretty often. There is always something coming up in some part of the world. You can attend and listen to the expert insight given by amazing people. These are the people who support WHEF ideas. These people can be investors, businessmen, economists, or even just veterans who wish to offer some sort of guidance. Their ultimate aim is to help out others without anything in return. WHEF gives them a platform to do so.

On the other hand, Sadhu Vaswani Mission (SVM) is a charitable organization based in Pune, India. It is engaged in various philanthropic activities in fields such as education, healthcare, social service, animal rights, feeding of the poor and spiritual upliftment. Its spiritual head is the educationist, poet, U Thant Peace Award-winner and modern saint J. P. Vaswani.

The organization was founded by Sadhu T. L. Vaswani (Sadhu is an Indian title for one who undertakes and is proficient in spiritual austerities) in Hyderabad, Sindh. It was called the Brotherhood Association then. After his demise the organization was renamed to its current name. Sadhu Vaswani (as he was affectionately called) was a prolific writer of inspirational texts during the freedom struggle in India as well as of insightful spiritual texts throughout his lifetime. His spiritual poems have been compiled into the Nuri Granth which is probably the world’s largest single compilation of spiritual poems by a single author.

Tulsi’s Life

Tulsi Gabbard is currently a member of Congress. You may think she got her success with the help of her influential background. However, if you look through her journey, you’ll feel inspired. Her simple story starts from nothing and reaches to a point of success that we all wish to achieve. She has been inspired to work for the betterment of the world since a young age. Although Tulsi moved to Hawaii when she was 2, she has always kept her motherland India in her heart.

The woman has represented India as well as Hawaii on multiple levels and very positively. She has the tendency to tackle any challenge in life which has made her capable enough to achieve success. You can expect to learn such skills by attending WHEF events. Tulsi has worked towards a helpful cause since the start. The first major steps she took in this field was at the age of 19. She co-founded a non-profit organization. This organization worked for a better environment, contributed to the education center as well as did work for the economic benefits. This organization came up with a curriculum that ended up being so successful that over 50 schools adopted it.


She volunteered in the army to fight in Iraq twice. At age 21, she was in the Hawaiian politics. From there she moved to the US House of Representatives. And today Tulsi serves as a successful congresswoman. From a glimpse at her life we can see that she definitely has expertise as well talent. To share this wisdom with novices who need advice to more forward, A sincere Tulsi Gabbard has been invited to speak at the WHEF events multiple times.

Not only have her speeches provided top notch tips, they have ignited the motivation among the young attendees that is needed for them to take an initiative. Her helpful talks have definitely been worth attending the event for. She, along with other personalities who speak at the event, provide the perfect blend of inspiration to promote creativity as well as spread enough knowledge for guaranteed success.

Tulsi continues her good deeds. She likes to spread smiles. For this reason, she does little acts of kindness every now and then in her life. We’re pretty sure every day of Tulsi’s life is full of such acts but there are only a few that have been accounted. One of such things is her recent visit to famous Guru Dada JP Vaswani. Tulsi was on a trip to India when she decided she wanted to take out time from her busy schedule to visit Guru Dada at his ashram in Pune. Tulsi did this meeting at a Summer Camp. Dada JP Vaswani is a guru and a well-known Indian spiritual leader. He is currently serving at a foundation that his guru and spiritual master laid foundation of. This is known as the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

The Summer Camp was being held for hundreds of people, like it is every year. That is where Dada greeted the strong and successful Tulsi. The meeting can be described as warm and friendly. There was exchange of gifts as well. The two engaged in friendly conversation that was full of smiles. This wasn’t the first time Tulsi met the guru JP Vaswani which is why she described the meeting as lovely, like always. She thought Dada looked good health wise and was glad she could have taken the time out to come meet him in person.


At this occasion she also talked a bit about her trip of India. She mentioned that she was meeting with a lot of people, including businessmen, politicians, influential people, etc. Her topic of discussion with each one was the true meaning of Aloha, which she describes as being more than just a hello or goodbye. She believes Aloha is a very respectful gesture which shows that you have no discrimination in your heart based on the other person’s gender, race or ethnicity. She described it beautifully. Tulsi also played her ukulele for the audience. Her friendly chat with the audience was very lively too. With a welcoming mood, Guru Dada Vaswani was glad to see her and told her that she can visit anytime at his ashram.


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